Passion Fruit Rooibos Tea Mix – Display Box of 12 Packets


The subtly crisp passion fruit undertones of this tea combined with the taste of real brewed rooibos & black tea make for a uniquely luscious and refreshing tea experience. Each 8oz cup of tea is infused with 25mg OleoCBD™ for accelerated results.

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  • Each display box comes comes pre-assembled with packets upright
  • Contains 12 individual saleable On-The-Go packets
  • Easy tear front allows for an attractive counter-top display at your store.
  • Each packet can be mixed with 8oz. of water hot or cold
  • Each packet contains 25mg OLEO Micro-Encapsulated CBD


The delicate taste of freshly picked passion fruit. Made from natural rooibos & black tea – you’ll be passionate about this tea. Each cup of tea is infused with 25mg Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBD™) for accelerated effects. This tea contains no artificial sweeteners, colorings, or other questionable additives.

Powered by OLEO

This product is infused with our patented Microencapsulated CBD (OleoCBD™). Products Powered by OLEO are more bioavailable, faster acting, and don’t taste like plant extract when compared to other CBD products.

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Weight161 g
Dimensions3.125 × 3.125 × 4.75 in